Saturday, September 27, 2008


Ayiyiyiyiyiyi!!!!!! Why does everyone always ask you, and then you get no choice in the matter?? Huh, HUH???????????? I AIN'T THAT DUMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *huff huff*

So anyway, Dad says I got a choice of a)Buckwheat b)movie c)mini golfing. Well, we all know he's gonna want a movie cuz Dad is frickin' LAZY or something, and he asks me where I wanna go. Well, I choose Buckwheat, cuz hey, that only comes once a year. But noooooooooooo Dad tries to talk me out of it. WELL IF YOU DON'T WANNA GO ASK SOMEONE!! And there's nothing GOOD out anyway in movies.

See, I KNEW this would happen. He always says we're gonna go somewhere, and then, when the day comes "no, I'm too tired", "Maybe some other time", "it's too *insert excuse here*", "Tomorrow (which is in fact, what he said yesterday.)". ARGH! I never get to go anywhere!! And then he complains I'm on the computer too much...

THIS is why I NEVER go anywhere, about. NOT. MY. FAULT.

Edit: I think we may be going... Urp. *look of terror*

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Anonymous said...

Yup, I had that problem with dad too when I was there. Just remember he works and all of us didn't so he deserves a break. I do agree that he needs to do more to take you and mom out.

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