Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Umm.... Muse!?! A title might be nice now!!

Alrighty... I can't seem to say all I want on mine, and I can't make fun of Cassie enough... Sooo... we had teh awesome idea to do a team blog!! Where I get to make fun of Cassie/Aaron pairings (but she doesn't know about that part yet, so shhhhhh...)!! (They must secretly love each other... If Aaron remembers who she is!!)

Anyway, if all goes as planned (which it won't, trust moi) Cassie should get here and get all angry at me. So... This could be the place for randomness, ranting (about random things), and... Yeah, probably something food-related. But Cassie probably hasn't received her invite-thinger, so now is the time for me to shuttup!! ♥♥♥

~~Guess who has a jar of dirt!!~~

6 little-thingies-not-sure-what-they-are:

Cassie who totally hates Aaron said...

I don't love him nor like him at all!!! K I'm gonna post here right now!

Cassie lies through her teeth said...

hola senorita cassie you do too love him, it's love in denial (the best type to write)

Cassie who doesn said...

It is not love in denial!!! Like I said before, "I hope he gets run over by a school bus!!!"

Cassie who is a dufus said...

sorry I wasn't done typing that and I accidentally hit the button

Muse Of Randomness said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
pedro needs to stop talking 'bout food said...

oops.. forgot to not use name... anyhoo

Can you feel the love tonight...? and you were supposed to call!! (I don't think anyone's gonna bother reading this blog...)


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