Thursday, September 18, 2008

rp #3

Hey Readers! Time for role play #3...In number one was partly true and partly made #2, You'll have to ask Ange because I have no clue...Anyhoo...Hope you enjoy this next role play...Starring: Andrea,Cassie, Lena Mersing, and Aaron Byrd...Probably a few other people with a cameo appearance by Kayla...Here we goo...Same as before part of this is true and the other is made up!!

Mrs.Becky:Bus 40 please walk to your bus.Bus 40
Cassie/Lena:*walk out and get on bus*
Cassie: *gets on a few minutes before Lena does and looks in the back and sees someone look at her.
Cassie: Oh noes..
Lena:*walks on bus and sits down beside Cassie*
Cassie: Lena,look in the back!!
Lena: Starts laughing wierdly..
Cassie:It's like your imaginary boyfriend..
Lena: Shut up!! He might here you
Aaron: *looks at Cassie and Lena but doesn't say a word*
Aaron: *gets of at Dayton's house*
Lena: Awww!!! I forgot to say Bye!
Cassie: Well...
To be continued!

Part number 2~~

Kayla: OMJ OMJ!!! Nick Jonas asked me out!!
Cassie: You have an overactive imagination
Kayla:*dies and is never seen again*

Cassie: *Lives happily ever after after Lena and Aaron get married and move to Belize..*

Lena and Aaron: *never seen again*

6 little-thingies-not-sure-what-they-are:

remind me not to sign in said...

What do you mean they are never seen again?? I want to use them, and you need FICTIONAL CHARACTERS!! They don't gotta be outta KH or anything like that, geez.

it ain't hate but it definitely ain't love said...

You can use them just say that they magically appeared years later or something...

politically correct said...

Ooh yayz I can make us all teens. Note: Lena and Aaron should not have been able to get married, cuz they're minors...

Aaron and Lena will get married and move to belize said...

I was looking into the future!!

*kaboom* said...

So you get to be in agony for at least 7 more years??

I can't live through that kind of pain for 7 years!! I need rid of them now!! said...


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