Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Hah, I'm not even sure these are role-plays... *couldn't think of a better word* Well, soooo.... my turn then!

Ange (yeah me): Wowiez Hannah Montana died... Zexion!!!! Shika!!! COME HERE WE GOTTA CELEBRATE THE DEATH OF MILEY!!!
Zexion: *whispers* Yessss!! *talks to the voices in Ange's head*
Ange: Shiznit, Jadia! What do you mean she's gonna come back!?! Why must you be so pessimsitic?! Reni don't encourage her!!
Shikamaru: o_0 Who is she talking to...
Zexion: *calls Kayla, Demyx, Axel, and Balthier*
Zexion: *goes temporarily deaf*

later in hospital after Aaron calls Demyx (they're friends) to Miley's hospital

Ange: Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!?!?! She came back!?! This cannot be!!! *prepares to stab self with keyblade*
Roxas: *smacks Andrea* Give that back!!
Demyx: Wait... Andrea can use a keyblade??
Ange: I CAN'T!!
Jadia and Reni: *exit Andrea's mind*
Jadia: But I can!
Miley: Howdy y'all!!
Pikachu: *appears out of nowhere* Pika-chUUUUUUUUUUUUU *electrocutes everyone*
Jadia: WHO DID THAT!?!
Shikamaru: Well I had to use something. Have you SEEN the awful things on Google??
Ange: You've been hanging out with Naruto haven't you...
Aaron: Evil woman... *cries a river and drowns us all*
Cassie: YOU'RE ALL INSANE!!! *kills us all*

(One-winged Angel plays in background)
Sephiroth: What the....
Kadaj: I TOLD you this wasn't Nibelheim!! Gimme teh !@**^ map!!!
Aaron: *ressurects, discovers the four silver-haired vilains*
Aaron: *double take at Yazoo* That, that dude looks like a lady... (yes indeed, Aaron is singing)
Yazoo: -_-#;
Miley: *wakes up* Oh Aaron, marry me!! *throws self at feet*
Ange: (outside of the computer) HOLD UP!!!! *everything freezes* YOU WERE DEAD!!!
Miley: I'm a celebrity, I can do whatever I want. *pout*
Andrea: Humph. Tell that to my machete. *time restarts*
Miley: *raspberry*
Ange: HEEEEY!!! I ain't done with you!!!!
Loz and Yazoo: *fighting over directions*
Aaron: Oo, what a funky lady Oo, she like it, like it, like it, like that. Oo he was a lady!
Miley: AARON YOU !@**^ DON'T IGNORE ME!! You're only famous cuz of ME!!!! *scream*
Lena: Oh no he ain't!! *mauls Miley with a beaver*

Cops: *barge in* Reno 911!!! Release the pop star or face the PEPPER SPRAY OF DOOM!!!
Shikamaru (who was faking to be dead, like always): How troublesome...
Cops: Whatchu say you punk!? HUH!!!!
Shikamaru: Shadow strangle jutsu!!
Miley: --And to my fans... BUY MY CDS!!!! *dies. again*
Miley fans: *banging on doors*
Ange: (outside of computer) meh, think I'm tired of the dead bodies. *resurrects everyone else*
Ange: Hey me!! Why the holdup!?!
Ange: Cuz you would interfere, Minime!!!
Ange: WAS THAT A HEIGHT REFERENCE THERE!?!?! Just cuz i'm, like, a MILLINCH-
Ange: Shuttup me. *flick*

Axel: Oh crap. the fanbrats are here.
Demyx: Fans? *look of absolute terror* Noooooooo I don't wanna be sold as fanservice, mamma!
Axel: I am not your mom!!!
Loz: No, moron!! I told you we shoulda turned left at Albquerque!!
Aaron: Dude, dude, dude, dude looks like a ladyDude, dude, dude, dude looks like a lady
Sephiroth: EVERYBODY SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ange: Since everyone has been ignoring me so far--
(Fighting resumes)
Ange: Darnit.

Kayla, Nick, and Joe: *swing in on skyhooks*
Kayla: CHAAAAARGE!!!!! *runs at Miley with chainsaw*
Ange: Do you think we should just get out of here??
Sephiroth: Yeah. *sets place on fire and runs away to do more evil psychotic deeds*
Ange: SEPHI!!!!!!!!!!!! Meh. Fine then. *gos to pay phone and calls a cab*
Balthier: Yeeha, dino!!! *rides in on Wild Saurian*
Ange: That's one heckuva cab there, Balthier.
Everyone: *gets on*
To be continued...

Ange: Wait.... WHAT DO YOU MEAN WE SAVED MILEY!!! *hides spork behind back*

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YAY Aaron didn't make me permanently blind!! said...

YAYZ I can see again!! I think I
went temporarily blind on the bus..
I saw something very scary!!

Muse Of Randomness said...

Thought so. Did you likeys teh thingymajigga??

Cassie said...


*getting fat off the cookies* said...


KRAP said...

your welcome!!!

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