Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Thought so!!

Is this the only thing I AM sane about?? Cuz normally I'm hyper, random, and willing to spork anyone who dares annoy me. But yay, I'm boy sane. (I bet Cassie doesn't believe that...)

EDIT!!!!: Took an inner hair color quiz. I am a BRUNETTE. (Which, haha, I already am!!)
On the inside, you're mysterious and alluring. You're more likely to ask personal questions than reveal personal information. Your inner self has really nice eyelashes, and you know a good wink is worth a thousand words. Emoticons bug you, because ; ) is such a poor substitute for the real thing. If you're attracted to someone, you'd rather share 30 seconds of intense eye contact than spend an hour chatting on IM.

Hmmm.... Sounds like me... Except chatspeak annoys more more than emoticons. And chatting on IM would be pre-ty entertaining... (Especially considering I don't have it)

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