Friday, December 5, 2008

Random Lists

Random Videos that we Should Make

  • Andrea stalking people in the school
  • Re-enactment of Sweeney Todd featuring Ali, Andrea, Alex (briefly), and Adam
  • Ali *attempting* to stalk Adam
  • Gary acting like he normally does
  • One of these days when interesting stuff goes back to happening in band
  • Eighth period
  • Ali singing random songs for 10 minutes
  • Kingdom hearts fandub involving anybody I can get to cooperate, forcibly or whatnot.

Ways to kill Alex

  • Throw an icicle at him
  • Stalk him until he is scared to death
  • Glomp him. He will most likely commit suicide.
  • Abuse him (O.o SO GUILTY)

Stupid Questions Alex has Asked me

  • Do the Japanese like shrimp?
  • Is this a Japanese stool? (I mean, HOW THE HECK SHOULD I KNOW)
  • How is Japanese food better than Chinese? (I never said it was)
  • Why do you like Asian stuff so much? (I am Asian.)
  • Do you like Chad?? (OF COURSE NOT.)

Reasons I make These Lists

  • I'm bored as crap.
  • Alex isn't here to stalk
  • No one reads them so I can say what I like
  • Don't feel like talking to prep-girl/emo-kid (who are, in fact, the same person)

10 little-thingies-not-sure-what-they-are:

...prep said...

I'd rather be just plain ol' prep-girl than emo-kid..

ponderizor said...

whoa! you think of random videos to make too?! that's awesome! speaking of which........ maybe I'll post about the video that 013 and I almost made once...


Tatha said...

How U doing?
So, your blog is pretty nice huh.
Your music is amazing...

Aaron Hawkins said...

Someones obsessed with "Alex".

Muse Of Randomness said...

I was, I gave up on him over Christmas/New Years break.

This is the second time I've given up, too. Let's hope I can stay off this time. xD

Aaron Hawkins said...

Ah. I've never had a crush like that, so I wouldn't know.

Muse Of Randomness said...

I'm... A very obsessive person, and it causes me alot of grief (most of my obsessiveness was on here but my older posts at A Failur of Sanity had some.).

Muse Of Randomness said...

*Failure (I have a hatred of my keyboard...)

Aaron Hawkins said...


Muse Of Randomness said...

Yeahhhhhh also a very confused one. (Ask Cassie. I'm stupider than a rock. Which brings up the question, how smart are rocks, really?)

and also prone to asking stupid pointless questions

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