Thursday, February 12, 2009


Ali (the one I'm actually related to) wants to now if I still like Alex. Does anyone know the answer? Because she asked me and i dunno and I figured someone smart enough to withstand all the crap posted on here might!! because I'm the dumb one yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

Because seriously, I might not pass my Science test if I don't know the answer to that! It's gonna be on there and I don't want my stupidity exposed to the earth!! Gaaahhh why can't they ask simple questions involving Skittles and the theory that all men standing within two feet of each other must be gay! C'mon!! I'd ace that!

Oh and Ali (one with no relation to me), Ali did read the story! She's happy to be on the smae level as Chuck Norris, makes her feel like a rockstar. xD She too mentioned "They want to *bleep* my bleep*?". She wanted to know what it meant. Because it sounded "dirty" and yet... Once I explained... it was not. Muahahahaha!!! "Clever" she says.

"They want to *bleep* my *bleep*?" is now in the official list of Andii's potential MySpace headlines.

And when I say "I am a PIMPIN' dinosaur", I am not referring to Barney. Just because Barney is purple, it does not make him a pimp. Darn you all!

4 little-thingies-not-sure-what-they-are:

Grape Jelly Murderer said...

...You like Alex. It's ok. :) Chalex is on a time out after the dance...Chad's out to kill Erica.

Muse of Randomness said...

WAAAAAAAAAAAAH. BUT ME NO WANNA LIKE HIM!! And then when he's done with Erica he'll come after me!

Grape Jelly Murderer said...

I love the "Geek boys rock my socks";The one with the cheating orange....I love all the icons! They're awesome. All you need is A Jasper Hale icon... :D

Muse of Randomness said...

Sure I'll get you some...

The cheating orange reminds me of Alex... Even though he is actually an apple.

And I am a Riley Poole fangirl on occasion. So geek boys do rock my socks.

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