Monday, September 15, 2008

Long random list of things I'd rather be doing

Title says it all, folks!! Yeah... I need to spend my time productively... But I'm bored.

Attack Alex's hair with a lint roller
Chase the OTHER Alex with a machete (Meh, I didn't clarify identities. Oh well. Nobody cares!!)
Run through town screaming "Sexy Zexy!!" (No more manga for me)
Poke Cassie with a spork
Cosplay as Hinata Hyuga and STALK PEOPLE (I ain't half bad at it)
Hack into Cassie's computer and make her whole computer Axel-themed
Force Alex onto the DDR machine 'o' DOOM!!!
Set off the smoke alarm every time Erin calls a guy hot
Shove Des into Aaron's face (Run... Before Des kills me for saying that... *hides*)
Make Jake and Trevor dress up as Big Bird (Am I still alive..?)
Graffiti a mustachio on the Wal-Mart wall
Build the Sears Tower out of Legos (And I mean full-sized)
Record Justin and Mark singing If You Were Gay
Have the man-eating waffles chomp Miley Cyrus to death
Send Kingdom Hearts spam to random people (Like, typing the word "AXEL" a million times)
Set Cassie's Hannah Montana crap on fire
Steal everyone's PixyStix and BURN THEM (Muahahahaha)
Be Shikamaru Nara for a day (Too... Lazy... to pick... A darn... pencil up... *snore*)
Kill all teh forks in the world (MAH SPORKIES)
Trap Chad in a nacho, Grant in a burrito, and Alex in a marshmallow
E-mail Megan on high urgency setting and say only "Hi"
Roast Alex-marshmallow on a stick (Uhhhh....)
Find a cure for writer's block (Hrmmm, is this somewhat normal???)
Try to perform bankai with a plastic sword
Replace random words with pants (ex. "Your Highness" becomes "Your pantsness")
Try to talk to fictional characters (Umm... I can't... Zexion ran away!! T.T)
Convince Erin she is in love with a llama (I'm sure it's possible, knowing her...)
Try to perform jutsu when cornered by the random evil prep-minions
Poke people with a "sword of doom" (aka a toothpick)
Talk to an alter or imaginary boyfriend (Haha... especially when )
be teh YODA of RANDOMNESS (The waffles are STRONG with this one!!)

10 little-thingies-not-sure-what-they-are:

la la la said...

You didn't post some of the ones you said you were...

every type of creative block possible said...

What did I forget?? I can make another one.

must delete your comment before someone i know reads it said...

Meh, The Grant thing didn't work out too well... And I DID forget the pink hair!! *is off to delete your comment*

WOW said...

Okay but you should put the pink hair thing and you still should do that smoke alarm thing but just but someone or a blank there

the mistress of all playlists said...

meh, there is a smoke alarm thing. you musta skipped over it...

whaaa?? said...

yeah I read it...I thought the other one was funnier though...Did you put the pink hair thing???

*anger* said...


I'm the one you want to hate but not today said...

Why do you have *anger* in you??

must...resist... Banging on keyboard... said...

Stop telling me to post them. What if my English teacher came?? She has the link to Trance.

2 am and she calls me cuz i'm still awak can you help me unravel my latest mistake? said...

That time I didn't tell you to post them..I wish I had my signature KFC emoticon..

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